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This is for TRANSLATION AGENCIES ONLY. Translators may apply to our agency here.

Subscribe to this list if you would like to be approached by applying translators (currently about five applications a month), their CV and approach letter sent to recipients like yourself for $99 (so you know they are serious about work - more details here).

If you want to receive applications in only certain language combinations (source and/or target language(s)), make sure to uncheck "any" from either the source or target language section and check the language(s) you are interested in. The "any" checkboxes for both Source and Target languages are near to one another, near the start of the Target languages.

Fill in the Application Form Weblink (url/web address) if you would prefer to direct applicants to your online application form. If you do not want to receive their applications by email, make sure to unselect the "any" checkbox in both the Source and Target languages and not have any languages selected.

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