Building a new school

600,000 hand-made bricks by locals.

Building a community

based on education and good values, from the grassroots up.

Sedan Education Trust Fund (S.E.T.F) is a non-profit organization founded in April 2013, to fight against illiteracy of all forms &promote Education in all levels to improve live hood of those most in need through education &community development in Tanzania.
After research being done at our areas, we found Education is mostly needed and is major problem which should be solved ,due to that we have started with school building construction project ,and we have made more than 600,000 bricks .

We aimed to give education and have our own school which will give opportunity to education for more than 100,000 people in our areas under this partnership; on this basis we are looking for support to enable the school construction is done.
The trust also works in several areas including human rights, community projects, and Diseases elimination.
We welcome friends to give us a hand of any kind.

Our mission

To promote the standard of school, college, train centers, hostel, reading rooms, libraries within community. To promote confident, empowered and skilled young people to succeed in Tanzania‘s economy.


Currently, Sadani Education Trust Fund starts with school construction project, a project which will help almost 100,000 villagers at our community here in Tanzania, where education is highly needed to bring changes to children and youth.

How you can help.

Volunteer, architectural help, school supplies, donations are all welcome!
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