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Translation Stop
1623 N. Formosa Ave. #6
Los Angeles CA 90046
United States
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Information About KENAX Translation Stop Service

Translation Stop is your one stop service where you can get your documents translated in more than 200 languages, DTP work, graphics design, computer programming, online databases and a host of other internet based services as shown through the Services link near the top left of this page.
Our aim is to provide a One Stop translation service that operates 24 hours a day. Our project managers are located all over the world, on different time zones, so that they can log in at their leisure and keep our one stop translation wheels running. Translators can often be located on different time zones (depending on the language combination and the country they reside in), and their needs must be addressed. A single translation office operating on only one time zone will not be able to respond to questions from the translator, hampering the overall logistical flow of a translation, which often needs to be completed "yesterday". Technically, with us, a translation COULD be completed yesterday if it were performed on an earlier enough time zone, but this is a different matter. The point is that only with a 24 a day, 7 days a week one stop translation service can any project be accomplished in the shortest time span with the maximum care and attention to optimal quality.

Online databases can be good because they are required for such systems as our Translation Payments, whereby translators can login to submit and view comments regarding the payment practices and reputation of translation agencies and companies. We plan to set up many databases and employ our web design and programming skills to utilize this new webhost account.

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